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  • Tally offers a special Tally Prime Gold Edition exclusively for Chartered Accountants which provides Audit & Compliance capabilities.
  • Tally Prime Gold Edition has the following key tools 
  1. Tax Audit  

  2. Statutory Audit  

  3. Statutory Compliance

  • Tally Prime Gold Edition is designed to help Chartered Accountants to enhance their practice and streamline clients’ businesses.
  • Tally Prime Gold Edition helps to improve audit efficiency, reduce time and effort, increase opportunity, and more.
  • Product Highlights:
  1. Remote access to client’s data.
  2. Facility to Audit from anywhere.
  3. Bird-eye view to a dashboard showing voucher/ledger correctness and verification status.
  4. Easy-to-spot errors via exceptions.
  5. Special audit and compliance tools for Tax Audit u/s 44AB & Statutory Audit.
  6. Statutory Compliance for regular Compliance services.
  7. Generate annexure to Form 3CD.
  8. Generate Form 3CD
  9. Generate Schedule VI Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss A/c Statements
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